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We love a good adventure! Best way to describe us: Bobby is the relationship makers and deal breaker and Amy is a bit more handy and creative.  We make a great team! 

After celebrating our one year anniversary, we wanted to start the hunt for a home that is "ours".  We looked at tons of homes and this property listed for $115,000.  We reached out to the agent about making an offer and heard the sellers already accepted a contract. 

We trust the Lord and just knew that it must not be meant to be.  Little did we know that just a few weeks later the property would relist for $125,000 with an addition of 1 acre. We put in an offer and this is where the adventure begins. 

We invite you to journey with us!! We have never done this before and it promises to be full of adventure. 

Be sure to follow us on Facebook as Instagram and we post pictures and live videos along the way!

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