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Selling your home is a HUGE decision. The goal is to make as much money as possible while spending as little as possible.  Many make the decision to "cut out the middle man" to save a little money. The realty is on average, sellers make more when they have an agent.  Having the "right" agent is key! The real estate market is consistency changing and having an expert in your corner is the best decision you'll make when it comes to listing your home. The Harrelson Team will help you answer questions like:

  • Is this the best time?

  • How much should I ask?

  • What can I get for the house?

  • Should I paint?

  • Clean carpet?

The Harrelson Team is here to help answer all these questions and more! Check out the exceptional benefits below.

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initial walk-thru

The purpose of the walk-through is to create a list of repairs, decluttering, and touch-up areas. Once the items have been cleaned and/or moved out, the team will begin the plan for staging.


home staging

Staging is part of the provided services when working with the team.  The staging team will stage the home with furniture and linens 24-48 hours before picture day.  


professional photography

The photographer will arrive on the property with the team and room by room, accurate, top-of-the-line photos are taken for Marketing.


aerial drone videography

Homes with acreage or listed for a price point of $300,000  will receive this benefit. 


open house

The Open House is a strategic approach to collecting multiple offers for the best end result. The Open House will be advertised on multiple social media sites, Zillow,, and more! 


expert negotiations

Bobby is an expert deal maker!  His goal is to get to the best price so the client earns as much a possible.

Our Services

We said goodbye to Tuscaloosa and moved into our new home in Birmingham! We are so excited for what this new adventure has in store. This transition has had His hand all over it and it's been amazing to experience His peace and provision on a whole new level. We are thankful for Bobby Harrelson and our lender who made this process so easy for us. We highly recommend this guy and his team! 

Rylee & Parker Montomgery

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