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To stage or not to stage...

That is the question...

As for me and my houses... we shall stage. -Bobby Glenn

The empty feeling

Nothing feels less inviting that an empty space. Often times the sellers have moved out and on to their next home leaving the space (hopefully renovated and clean) empty. This is a challenge for potential buyers because they can't "size it up". They have no idea how their furniture will fit or if the room is big enough for their needs.

The full, all too personal, feeling

Full is distracting. Buyers want to see themselves in the house and the family collage lining the hallways distracts straight from your bottom-line. The space needs to be minimally used and completely de-personalized.

the retro flash back feeling

Everyone has a style. A decor preference and color palette that appeals to your personal taste but everyone doesn't love your style. That's okay. The goal is to make as much money as you can- not to show off your super-cool Shag Carpet. Staging allows the sellers to condense their personal belongs and bring a monochromatic crisp flow to every space in the home. Minimal furniture, clean linens, staged areas for meals and entertainment will help people create the space they just can't live without.

The great thing about Bringing Bobby By is The Harrelson Team will stage your home and prep you and the house for showings! No extra charge... Just part of the way we do business.


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