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is 2024 my year?


Ah, the sweet sound of change! There are so many great reasons to put your home on the market or find a new place to call home. Maybe your family's expanding and you're expecting little ones. Or, your nest is empty, and you're ready to downsize and treat yourself to a well-deserved life of luxury. Perhaps the grandkids are on the way, and you need a home that's easier to navigate. Whatever the reason, it's time to wave goodbye to those stairs and hello to your new adventure!

How do you know if this is the best time? It's hard to predict the market's future performance, but analyzing data and past trends can give us valuable insights. When it comes to timing, several factors come into play, such as rates, inflation, inventory, and the overall well-being of the economy. Here’s a few tips to keep you in the game.

Tips for Buyers in 2024

Whip your finances into shape and get ready to pounce! Get your paperwork in order, check out different lenders, and give your credit score a boost. Remember, the early bird gets the dream home!

Keep a close eye on prices and listings, and you'll be the head honcho of the competition!

Calculate your monthly payments, taxes included, and make sure they don't play hardball with your wallet.

Tips for Sellers in 2024

Get the upper hand in selling your property by teaming up with me as your agent! I have the insider scoop to nail your pricing, whip up some competitive buyer frenzy and sell your place lickety-split! Whip your home into shape, pronto and get it ready for a speedy sale!

  • Set up your home’s online curb appeal. Make your home's online first impression sparkle!

  • Our team will showcase your property listings with home tours, professional photography and Ariel videography!

  • Our team will sky-rocket your property listing game with stunning home tours, professional photos, and jaw-dropping staging! You'll be the talk of the town!


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