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The Mill Village

The Siluria Mill spans approximately 300 acres of parks, municipal properties, city hall and homes. From the creekside trails of Buck Creek to Thompson Road, the Mill Village has become the city center for Alabaster. According to the Alabaster Forward Comprehensive Plan, this area was known as the "Town of Siluria" before it was annexed by the City of Alabaster in 1971.

Historical Significance

607 12th Ave Southwest is located in walking distance from the site of the old Buck Creek Cotton Mill. This area contains the some of Alabaster’s last remaining historic houses - remnants of the adjacent mill village that once served as residences for mill workers. In an article published by Rene Day of The Shelby County Reporter, she paints a vivid picture of life in the 30's. The picture shown below was taken a few years prior to the construction of 607 12th Ave SW. 

" The men are mostly wearing overalls and white shirts; the women dressed in light, white cotton dresses that, it appeared to me, indicated the photo was taken in the spring or summer."

- Rene Day

Workers at Siluria's Buck Creek Cotton Mill pose for group portrait circa 1917-1921. (Contributed)

Workers at Siluria's Buck Creek Cotton Mill pose for group portrait circa 1917-1921. (Contributed)

The Mill Houses certainly hold historic value and the Southern Charm of the updated farmhouse on 12th Ave is picturesque of the style and character of homes during The Great Depression.  The homes were built with functionality as a priority and only included as many bedrooms as necessary and a single bathroom with limited storage. Most resources refer to the style as "Minimal Colonial" style. Homes in this era often has no closets and families used Clothing Cabinets to store items. The ceilings are tongue and groove and the home has hardwoods from front to back.  Modern day touches have been added to the bathroom, Laundry and kitchen.  The home features a spacious .59 acre lot with beautiful old trees that were growing up right along with our ancestors. 


This home is 1440 square feet and defined as a 3 bedroom* and 1 bath. The great room or family room features a see-through fireplace that is shared with the master bedroom. The kitchen has a built in open cabinet to display your treasures. The stainless-steel fridge and oven are included and the area is wired for a dishwasher as well. The Virtual Tour below will usher you through the home from the front door to the rear.  Don't miss your chance to be a part of living history by living in the Historic Mill Village in the heart of Alabaster. 

*According to the Alabama Appraisal association, homes built in this time period with a minimum of 70 square feet, an exit window and clothing chest can be considered a bedroom by some appraisal organizations. 

virtual tour & photo gallery

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